Originally designed in 2006 as a traditional Benelux distributor, Living Colour Production & Distribution has redesigned itself in 2016 into a company with a new focus and a slightly new name (Living Colour Production & Distribution instead of Living Colour Entertainment).  We are a:

  • Film & TV producer
  • Benelux filmdistributor (all media incl. books)
  • International salesagent filmed entertainment


In short, we are active in the areas content and production, and with this, we are able to not only conduct business in the Benelux, but also throughout the world.


Living Colour Production & Distribution consists of a small, experienced and dedicated team having access to a group of professional specialists who work for us on a case by case base. We share a passion for film and we are filmdistributor, sales agent, license agent and producer with an international focus.


Jan Maarten Groen has worked as Sales Director for Universal Pictures Benelux and was (co-)founder and Managing Director at A-Film Distribution, Mobi Rights and Mobi Productions & Distribution.  Jan Maarten started Living Colour Entertainment in 2006 and has a background in production, purchasing and distributing of multimedia content. Since January 2016, the focus has been more and more on concepting and production and all activities have been brought together and take place under one roof: Living Colour Production & Distribution.
















Living Colour Production & Distribution

E info@livingcolour.nl


Living Colour Production & Distribution consists of an experienced and dedicated team having access to a group of professional specialists, who work for us on a case by case base. We share a passion for film and we love movie theatres as much as TV or mobile screens! Nowadays we are filmdistributor, idea factory, producer, sales agent and license agent  with an international focus.


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